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5 Key Tips to Helping Personal Training Clients Lose Weight

Weight loss is something that a lot of Personal Training clients want to focus on when they first start training with a professional. Providing training that is tailored to client goals and motivations is one way to ensure you get results from your clients. Our nutrition tutor has some tips and expertise that you can apply […]

crash dieting stages

The 10 Stages of Crash Dieting – An Introduction to Crash Dieting

In the modern age of health and fitness, it is common for people to become overwhelmed with the endless sources of nutritional advice and help on offer making it hard to establish what is right from wrong. This is why it is important to know what diets and methods you should focus on to stay fit […]

childhood obesity study

Study Shows Children With Obesity Gene Variants Can Still Lose Weight

A recent study by the University of Copenhagen – The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, has shown that children who have gene variants that are common in obesity, can still lose weight by changing their diet and exercise habits. Theresia Maria Schnurr, one of the authors of the study has explained the driving force behind […]

womens fitness

‘Fit Got Real’ campaign aims to boost womens’ fitness

Although we are seeing more people enter the fitness industry, studies show that women across the UK are less likely to partake in regular exercise than men. The study from Sports England shows that women from BAME backgrounds and those working in lower income jobs are more inactive than other women, and this needs to […]

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Offering Nutritional Advice as a Personal Trainer

As the fitness industry continues to grow, we are seeing more people looking beyond just the training to keep themselves fit and healthy. One area of fitness that is being focused on more than ever is nutrition, as it is well-known that this is one thing that can seriously boost training results. This focus on nutrition has […]

kids inactivity rising

Help Combat Rising Inactivity Among Kids as a Personal Trainer

Researchers from the University of Essex carried out a study on 1,200 children from Essex between 1998, 2008 and 2014 to analyse the current status of kid’s fitness in the UK. The study found that we are seeing a dramatic fall in terms of the ‘strength and fitness’ of children, which needs to be addressed. […]

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Can Social Media Help You Lose Weight?

In the modern age of fitness, it is the norm for people to be bombarded with fitness content across their social media feeds. This shift towards fitness is definitely positive, but how does social media itself impact the way we keep fit. A recent study shows that the impact that social media has is dependent […]

keep fit with yoga

Keep Fit & Healthy With Specialist Training

As we continue to live in a world that is becoming more and more focused on health and fitness, more people are looking for new ways to stay healthy and keep fit. This holds huge potential for getting the public fit and going further with fitness careers, as it is possible for Personal Trainers to […]

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An Expert Opinion on Meal Replacements

The debate on meal replacements and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has taken a boost recently, as the meal replacement drink Soylent will be available in the UK from Thursday 4th October; sparking big debate in the sports nutrition and health industries as a whole. Soylent is a drink that has an aim to take away […]

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Taste Trendsetters | The Nordic Diet

Scandi style has been known for setting a few trends in it’s time. Hygge, Frilufsliv and Lagom to name a few. So when it comes to foodie trends, the Nordic nation have a few food rules of their own to live by.



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