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fitness for alzheimers

How Fitness & Personal Training Can Help Combat Alzheimer’s

As more research on health and fitness comes to light, there are constantly new findings that open up opportunities for finding out more about health problems and how the public and health professionals can help combat them. Now, a study has brought to light the potential that exercise can have for reducing the chance of […]

diet for better mental health

Healthy Diet is Shown to Ease Symptoms of Depression

In the past, there has been an argument about whether making changes to your diet can help make you happier and have better mental health, with the benefits of exercise on mental health being clear. Down to this, more research has been invested to see if there is, in fact, a correlation between someone’s diet […]

adult blood pressure check

Could Personal Trainers be the solution to high blood pressure?

As we see fitness becoming a part of daily life for many people, we are also seeing a growing number of problems when it comes to specific areas of fitness. As this has happened, we have seen the fitness industry turn to Personal Trainers and Gym Instructors to assist in combatting these growing problems, and a […]

study options background

Focus on health not appearance to boost motivation

A recent study that was carried out by Northwestern University has shown that simply providing motivation as a Personal Trainer can play a monumental part in the results and satisfaction of female clients. Renee Engeln, Lead Author of the study, and Professor of Instruction in Psychology in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences at […]

winter fitness

Keeping Active Over The Christmas Period

Staying active over the Christmas period is tough, to say the least, with the cold mornings and festive events over the coming weeks making getting out of bed to go on a run or head to the gym harder than ever. Although, with the dark mornings comes new opportunities to work in extra hours, or […]

Personal Training client assessment

3 Personal Trainer Tips for Assessing Clients

Starting out with a new Personal Training client can be tough if you don’t know what processes and information you need to gain from your client, which is why it is important to set out some clear steps that you can take to get to know your client and understand their lifestyle. One of our Personal […]

Personal trainer courses by Focus Training

5 Key Tips to Helping Personal Training Clients Lose Weight

Weight loss is something that a lot of Personal Training clients want to focus on when they first start training with a professional. Providing training that is tailored to client goals and motivations is one way to ensure you get results from your clients. Our nutrition tutor has some tips and expertise that you can apply […]

crash dieting stages

The 10 Stages of Crash Dieting – An Introduction to Crash Dieting

In the modern age of health and fitness, it is common for people to become overwhelmed with the endless sources of nutritional advice and help on offer making it hard to establish what is right from wrong. This is why it is important to know what diets and methods you should focus on to stay fit […]

childhood obesity study

Study Shows Children With Obesity Gene Variants Can Still Lose Weight

A recent study by the University of Copenhagen – The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, has shown that children who have gene variants that are common in obesity, can still lose weight by changing their diet and exercise habits. Theresia Maria Schnurr, one of the authors of the study has explained the driving force behind […]

womens fitness

‘Fit Got Real’ campaign aims to boost womens’ fitness

Although we are seeing more people enter the fitness industry, studies show that women across the UK are less likely to partake in regular exercise than men. The study from Sports England shows that women from BAME backgrounds and those working in lower income jobs are more inactive than other women, and this needs to […]



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