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Older adult

Making fitness more appealing in later life

Personal Trainers with the right fitness qualifications are creating new sessions that are tailored to older age groups. Sessions focus on activities that build not only physical ability but cognitive ability too. Why are cognitive skills important? Cognitive skills are abilities such as memory, mental speed, decision making and the ability to process new information. […]

Over 55's need for fitness

Almost Half of Britain’s Over 55’s Don’t See Exercise as Important

It is well-known that many adults across the UK are inactive, with even 1 out of 4 avoiding exercise. Now, new research by Nuffield Health has shown that many of Britain’s over 55’s don’t see fitness as a necessary and important part of daily life. Nuffield Health carried out a survey looking at 2,000 people […]

exercise ability for longer life

Exercise Performance Can Help Predict How Long You Will Live

Although age has previously been one of the sole factors when it comes down to predicting how long a person has left to live, a new study has found that your physiological age is even more accurate when it comes down to estimating the length of someone’s life. Dr Serge Harb, a cardiologist at the […]

fitness benefits in older age

Being Active in Your Teens & Twenties Benefits You For Life

It is commonly thought that working out and staying active in your younger years doesn’t have much of a benefit on your wellbeing as you get older. Now, a recent study that has been published in the journal Frontiers of Physiology has shown that working out and staying active to build healthy muscles can actually […]

older adult fitness reasons

Why Older Adults Should Pick up Fitness & Consider a Personal Trainer

It is no secret that as we age, our bodies and minds need to be looked after more than ever. This is down to the body naturally bringing us problems and our minds becoming less active than previously. As new research comes to light, there is becoming more of a focus on Older Adult fitness […]

Older Adult Running

Use Running With Older Adult Clients to Reduce Signs of Ageing

When it comes to Personal Training, a lot of qualified professionals find older adults coming to them to keep fit for a number of reasons. One growing reason that older adults keep fit is to help them stay mobile, but a lot of older people also keep fit to help combat signs of aging. When older […]

Older women ETM class

Dance could help older women stay independent longer

As there is now more of a focus on fitness and health as a whole, experts and researchers are finding out more about niche areas of fitness, such as what demographics are most inactive and what the reasons for these findings are. Studies at the latter end of 2018 showed that older women and women […]

older person exercise

You’re never too old for a new career

Here at focus HQ it seems like fitness is never far from people’s minds but, according to the NHS are in an ‘epidemic of inactivity’, which is a problem that needs tackling sooner, rather than later. We couldn’t agree more. To help the falling rate of activity across the UK, the government and national health agency […]

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Have We Reached Our Fitness Peak?

The human race has reached it’s peak, according to a study which says we’ve hit our limit for height, lifespan and physical performance.



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