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nutrition for better strength

How Nutritional Advisers Can Further the Potential of Resistance Training

In today’s fitness industry, we are seeing many more Personal Trainers take their Level 3 Personal Trainer qualifications further to expand their skills into other areas of fitness. For Personal Trainers who have gone on to get their Level 3 Nutrition for Sports & Exercise Performance qualification to offer nutrition advice, the potential to make an even […]

six nations fitness recovery

4 Steps the Six Nations Teams Take in Their Recovery

With the Six Nations being on this weekend, the UK has come together to support their teams as they go into battle. It is known by all who know the game that Rugby, especially the Six Nations is one of the toughest competitions on earth, with athletes putting their bodies on the line and pushing […]

crash dieting stages

The 10 Stages of Crash Dieting – An Introduction to Crash Dieting

In the modern age of health and fitness, it is common for people to become overwhelmed with the endless sources of nutritional advice and help on offer making it hard to establish what is right from wrong. This is why it is important to know what diets and methods you should focus on to stay fit […]

healthy nutritional advice

Offering Nutritional Advice as a Personal Trainer

As the fitness industry continues to grow, we are seeing more people looking beyond just the training to keep themselves fit and healthy. One area of fitness that is being focused on more than ever is nutrition, as it is well-known that this is one thing that can seriously boost training results. This focus on nutrition has […]

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An Expert Opinion on Meal Replacements

The debate on meal replacements and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has taken a boost recently, as the meal replacement drink Soylent will be available in the UK from Thursday 4th October; sparking big debate in the sports nutrition and health industries as a whole. Soylent is a drink that has an aim to take away […]

egg hen s egg boiled egg breakfast egg 160850

A Good Egg

The humble egg is a real gem of the nutritional world.

Rich in nutrients including proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, their versatility is seriously varied and they cost pennies to cook up.

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Have We Reached Our Fitness Peak?

The human race has reached it’s peak, according to a study which says we’ve hit our limit for height, lifespan and physical performance.

lifestyle atmosphere drink eat 73399

Ten Days of Fitness

We take a look at a few areas that may put the stoppers on your Christmas fun, along with a few pointers on how to keep well this festive season…



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