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Older adult

Making fitness more appealing in later life

Personal Trainers with the right fitness qualifications are creating new sessions that are tailored to older age groups. Sessions focus on activities that build not only physical ability but cognitive ability too. Why are cognitive skills important? Cognitive skills are abilities such as memory, mental speed, decision making and the ability to process new information. […]

Personal Trainer Motivation

How Can Personal Trainers Help Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes?

As the fitness industry continues to evolve, we are being met by more research that is being used to shape a positive future when it comes to health and fitness. With many people choosing to make a career out of fitness by gaining reputable fitness qualifications and more research being done, the potential for the […]

sleep for better health

Why Personal Trainers Should Encourage Clients to Focus on Sleep

With the fitness industry evolving, there are constant developments that are making it possible for the public and fitness professionals to improve health and create more of a positive future for all when it comes to wellbeing. In the modern day of fitness, industry accredited fitness qualifications are making it possible for Personal Trainers to […]

nutrition for better strength

How Nutritional Advisers Can Further the Potential of Resistance Training

In today’s fitness industry, we are seeing many more Personal Trainers take their Level 3 Personal Trainer qualifications further to expand their skills into other areas of fitness. For Personal Trainers who have gone on to get their Level 3 Nutrition for Sports & Exercise Performance qualification to offer nutrition advice, the potential to make an even […]

Over 55's need for fitness

Almost Half of Britain’s Over 55’s Don’t See Exercise as Important

It is well-known that many adults across the UK are inactive, with even 1 out of 4 avoiding exercise. Now, new research by Nuffield Health has shown that many of Britain’s over 55’s don’t see fitness as a necessary and important part of daily life. Nuffield Health carried out a survey looking at 2,000 people […]

exercise ability for longer life

Exercise Performance Can Help Predict How Long You Will Live

Although age has previously been one of the sole factors when it comes down to predicting how long a person has left to live, a new study has found that your physiological age is even more accurate when it comes down to estimating the length of someone’s life. Dr Serge Harb, a cardiologist at the […]

fitness benefits in older age

Being Active in Your Teens & Twenties Benefits You For Life

It is commonly thought that working out and staying active in your younger years doesn’t have much of a benefit on your wellbeing as you get older. Now, a recent study that has been published in the journal Frontiers of Physiology has shown that working out and staying active to build healthy muscles can actually […]

getting personal training clients

3 Steps to Getting More Personal Training Clients

In the modern age of fitness, it can be hard to gain clients that keep coming back. This can be for a number of reasons, from people not being motivated enough to keep fit, to people getting bored and looking for new ways to keep fit and new sessions to try. Because it can be […]

benefits of kids fitness

Children’s Mental Health Week – Benefits of Exercise on Kids’ Mental Health

As it is Children’s Mental Health Week, we saw it fit that we focused on the huge importance of exercise for children, particularly on their mental health, with experts stating that exercise can help children build confidence, manage anxiety, and increase their self-esteem. With 10% of children having a clinically diagnosable mental health problem, the […]

six nations fitness recovery

4 Steps the Six Nations Teams Take in Their Recovery

With the Six Nations being on this weekend, the UK has come together to support their teams as they go into battle. It is known by all who know the game that Rugby, especially the Six Nations is one of the toughest competitions on earth, with athletes putting their bodies on the line and pushing […]



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