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Can Consistent Exercise in Midlife Have The Same Benefit as Being Active in Younger Age?

With many middle-aged and older adults being faced with various health risks, it is important for anyone involved in fitness to make exercise appealing and accessible to older age groups. Many people believe that being active in your younger years is essential if we want to lead a healthier life in middle and older age, but new research has shown that this may not be the case.

The new research has shown that being consistently active in middle-age can be as beneficial as starting exercising in your younger years when it comes to boosting the quality of life and reducing the risk of early death. With almost half of over 55's not seeing exercise as important, these findings are essential to creating healthier older age groups.

Dr. Pedro Saint-Maurice, Lead Author and researcher at the National Cancer Institute in the USA has said; "If you are not active and you get to your 40s or 50s and you decide to become active, you can still enjoy a lot of the benefits."

Although this is the case, the study's authors emphasize the fact that the benefits do decline when consistent exercise is dropped from the schedule, with experts stating; "If you have been active and you slowly decrease your exercise participation as you age, you lose a lot of the benefits of exercise."

With many people avoiding consistent exercise, these findings could prove to be massively beneficial when it comes to getting more people active.

With recent research showing that Millennials are the least active in the UK, the findings are massively positive, because people who are inactive in their younger years will still be able to see the benefits of exercise if they are only active when they are older.

With more Personal Trainers becoming qualified in Kids fitness Instructing, the amount of encouragement aiming to get more young people fit is huge, it is surprising that younger people are most inactive.

Along with their being more Personal Trainers getting involved in Kids fitness, there are also more PT's becoming qualified Older Adult fitness and Exercise Referral, which means that this new research has come at the perfect time for older adults looking to keep fit, as it is easier for them to get expert support.

With many middle-aged and older adults not being active down to the fear of injury, being able to get support and guidance from Personal Trainers and fitness professionals will reassure more people in their 40's and 50's to pick up fitness.

Although the study initially focused on light (leisure) exercise, it also delved further to see whether upping the amount of exercise had an extended benefit to participants. This was done to allow researchers to be able to suggest certain amounts of exercise to middle-aged people looking to reap the benefits of exercise.

From furthering the study, researchers found that those who boosted the amount of exercise they did to around 7 hours per week saw an increased benefit, with their risk of death in the coming years falling by 35%; proving that the benefits are potentially life-changing.

With new research making it easier and more manageable for people to get fit, there are also growing options for people who want to turn fitness into a career. As the industry grows, there is more room for people to get into a fitness career and make an impact where it is needed.