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44% More Spent On Gym Memberships.

For many fitness fanatics, the summer season brings light evenings perfect for pre-dinner runs, sun-filled afternoons for sociable sports and the ideal climate for a spot of outdoor exercise. So, you may think that plodding away on a treadmill in a stuffy gym setting isn't top of everyone's summer hit-list. Though, recent stats say otherwise...

According to spend monitoring company, Cardlytics, Brits have spent 44% more on gym memberships in the past year.

Having taken a peek into the spending habits of 5.5 million people, Cardlytics reveals that the budget gym sector has reaped the most profit from our gym habits, with monthly expenditure up by a whopping 66% between May and June, compared to last year. Leading gym chains such as David Lloyd and Fitness First have also witnessed sizeable profits of 14% more.

Add to this, that gym newbies head out to splurge on gym gear and accessories before they embark on their new regime, it's not surprising to see that sports clothing and equipment spending has increased by a wallet-busting 96%!

Then there's the new healthy diet. Health food spending is up too, by a not-so-slim, 55%.

All great news for the fitness industry and we think it's great to see so many people swapping the sedentary sofa habits for a healthier, more active lifestyle.

For Personal Trainers, this signals a rise in the number of gym newcomers that may require a little direction in getting started. Whether it's planning delicious diet plans, monitoring fitness goals or creating bespoke exercise programmes, opportunities for qualified Personal Trainers will rise alongside the increase in gym memberships.

And with National Fitness Day just around the corner, it's reassuring to see that Brits in their masses are making positive changes to get up and get moving.

Though that doesn't mean it's all innocent... it's been thought that our good intentions to kickstart a new exercise regime increase our tendency to treat ourselves to dining out and takeaways in the weeks beforehand. Research shows that in the eight weeks before we embark on the new fitness lifestyle, we spend 15% more on dining out! Hmm, food for thought...