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Ditch The Beach For A Fitness Retreat!

Whilst for many, summer is about relaxing on sun-drenched shores, enjoying barbeques and sipping sangria, it seems many Brits are increasingly using their holidays to get fit.
Whereas we used to spend several weeks beforehand shaping up for a stint on the beach, jet setters are now using their valuable holiday time to get into shape whilst there. So much so, that the number of folk booking into yoga retreats, Nordic mountain treks and exotic boot-camps has doubled in the past twelve months.
A survey by Travelex revealed that one in the three people want to tone up whilst on holiday while nearly one quarter said they would like to lose weight.
A further 17 per cent said they booked a fitness holiday to focus on their wellbeing, with several saying they wanted to eat more healthily whilst getting their yearly dose of sunshine.
It seems that throwing the healthy lifestyle out the window for that two week summer holiday has been replaced with the desire to stay active once there. In turn, we're stepping off the plane feeling more energised, less sluggish and without carrying the extra lbs we didn't have on the way out! A health and fitness holiday can be a great way to unwind, whilst maintaining the healthy regime we work hard on for the remainder of the year. After all, who wants to damage all the hard work for an excess of fried foods and a fortnight of hangovers! Of the most popular healthy holidays, yoga, dance and meditation were top of the list, closely followed by mountain biking and hiking. So, we're an active bunch us Brits when we want to be! This not only signals great opportunities for travel experts, but also for qualified personal trainers that want to extend their services outside of the traditional gym floor. Those with specialist qualifications or specific skills in certain areas such as outdoor fitness, kids fitness or exercise for older adults, can open up opportunities to take their career around the globe! Not only will you get to see some sights of your own, take in a spot of culture and work in the glorious sunshine. But you'll also contribute to helping keep our nation healthy and active on holiday. The benefits of which will remain long after the suntan has faded. Speak to the personal trainer courses team about our Specialist Personal Trainer courses to add that extra skillset to your CV. The world's your oyster...
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