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Bone Broth to a Buttery Brew... Diet Trends For 2015

As the nation commits to New Year’s resolutions for a healthier year ahead, there’ll no doubt be plenty of celebrity-inspired diet trends and unusual eats making an appearance this year.

If you had your fair share of cold-pressed juices, kale and coconut water last year, you may fancy some of the latest tasty trends that experts predict will make a splash in 2015…

Bone Broth

Paleo fans are already flocking towards the popular brew of bone broth, made by boiling chicken or beef bones for up to 48 hours.

It’s believed the drink can bring shine to the hair, clearer skin and help cleanse from within.

Matcha Tea

Hipster cafes across the UK are now serving Matcha tea. Similar to a powdered green tea, when mixed with water, Matcha acts like a coffee substitute, ramping up your energy levels and giving about a quarter of the amount of caffeine in your morning cappuccino.

Makers also claim Matcha tea will boost your metabolism, aid weight loss, support immune function, and up your antioxidant intake.

Activated Charcoal

Wave goodbye to coconut water, and say hello to charcoal water!

Often used in emergencies to help patients recover from poisoning, this murky drink is a great natural detoxifier and can also be applied to the skin.


MCT oil (that’s ‘medium chain triglycerides’) is a type of dietary fat that fans say can boost energy levels and help you to lose weight. It’s derived from coconut oil and palm kernal oils and is claimed to boost metabolism, while igniting a thermogenic (calorie-burning) impact on the body.

Some also claim it’s great source of energy, which is why many athletes and health devotees are getting on board the MCT oil train.

Bulletproof Coffee

Ed Sheeran is said to swear by this crazy new food trend. However we’re not sure how many people will enjoy adding butter to their morning cup of coffee!

Fans of the new drink claim is suppresses hunger while boosting energy.

Pionerr Dave Asprey says, “It’s about how you feel two hours later. With normal coffee, you get a food craving and get tired two hours later. Bulletproof coffee doesn’t cause the 10:30 crash we’re used to. It gives you a huge boost over normal coffee.”


Carbs will continue to get the cold shoulder, with a makeover in the form of Cauliflower. Rice can be replaced with finely chopped cauliflower florets and mashed cauli makes a healthy alternative to mashed potatoes.

Pinterest took a look at pins by influential users to come up with a list of trending topics for 2015. On the healthy food front, cauliflower is tipped to have a major moment in 2015.

Creepy Crawlies Insects, traditionally eaten in parts of Asia, Latin America and Africa - are now being touted as the new superfood, thanks to their high protein content.

They’re already on the menu in some of the world’s best restaurants! The best restaurant in the world, Noma in Copenhagen serves its beef tartare with ants; Michelin-starred chef David Faure dishes up pâté with a side of crickets in France, and London's Archipelago has chocolate-covered locusts on the menu.

Savoury Yoghurts & Ice Cream Also on the radar are savoury yoghurts and vegetable flavoured ice creams.

In New York, a yoghurt bar offers kimchi and tomato-flavoured yoghurts, whilst in Japan, Haagen-Dazs have already launched two vegetable ice-creams; tomato cherry and carrot orange. In Rome? Try a spot of gelato made with gorgonzola, artichokes, anchovies and even smoked salmon!

If you know your kale from your quinoa, and considering taking a Nutrition or Weight Management Certification, our Nutritional Advisor course make just whet your appetite!

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