Lower Back Pain Specialist Course

Back Off Pain! Become a Lower Back Pain Specialist

Back pain affects around 80% of adults. According to the British Chiropractic Association, 2 in 3 people under 35 suffer from back pain and 8 in 10 adults over 35 are victims of lower back pain. It's also been revealed that back pain is one of the biggest causes for folk having time of work and visiting their local GP.

There are various reasons why someone suffers from back pain. It can be as a result of an accident or injury, to less severe causes such as hunching over a desk all day or poor posture. The effects are not always immediate, but they shouldn’t be left untouched.

For many, not knowing the cause of their back pain means they continue to go about daily life without seeking professional treatment, when the solution could be as simple as stopping the slouch or moving those muscles.

Becoming a lower back pain specialist requires a specific set of skills and here at Focus Training, we've got the tools to guide you through the ins and outs of functional anatomy and biomechanics relating to back pain.

Certain exercises can change a person’s life and can help to improve the condition of their back. Without a specialist on hand to show them the ropes, many people are left to struggle on through. Help take the strain and get them back into action take the lower back pain specialist courses!

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