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The most prestige and famous awards took place last night in the stunning L.A. - a place that knows only too well the benefits of keeping fit and having a personal trainer by their side. Gravity was the film of the night, sweeping seven awards and 12 Years A Slave won Best Picture. Once again, it was another where our Leonardo DiCaprio missed out on a well-deserved Oscar. Everyone at Focus Training is rooting for Leo to win an Oscar next year! We can’t help but envy the Hollywood stars from having their hair and makeup done up and wearing glamorous dresses, but the build-up to the star-studded event no doubt involves a lot of hard work and training. Most Hollywood celebrities will have their very own personal trainer, who will be getting them completing challenging exercise tasks in order to look amazing and flawless on the red carpet. But every personal trainer requires fitness instructor qualifications and to have completed their own challenge with personal training courses. Focus Training are confident that if the Oscars had an award for the best personal training courses, we’d win, and we’d get Leonardo DiCaprio to collect the award on our behalf! There is a lot of hard work involved in becoming a fully qualified fitness trainer, but all of our students demonstrate great dedication and passion, and our team will aim to ensure that you motivated and positive throughout the personal training course. Contact Focus Training today for more information about our personal training courses and you never know, it could be you next year training the Hollywood stars for their red carpet debut next year – just don’t forget us if you do! Only some personal trainer programs are created equal. Our worldwide recognised PT qualifications are authored as well as delivered by several of the industry's top experts, which includes medical doctors, physiotherapists, celebrity personal trainers, nutritionists and dieticians. See from the very best with Focus Training. Our preferred Focus Training courses associated with this particular blog post on an Oscar-winning personal training course include our fitness instructor courses, exercise referral course, sports massage course and the extremely popular personal training courses. No personal trainer qualification is really complete without sensible workshops which help you on the way of yours to gaining the personal training certification of yours. Through our main page, you are able to find much more educational info on pt courses.