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Activity Is Key For Relieving Back Pain

Back pain can affect most of us at some point or another. Whether it's sports-related, from slouching over our laptops for eight hours a day or heaving the Christmas tree down from the loft, when back pain strikes, we know about it! Currently, 41% of the UK population (that's around 28 million of us!) suffer from low back pain. 95% have painful, yet simple back pain causes. The rest, is made up from sufferers of sciatica, compression of the spinal cord, fractured spine or other specific muscle issues. Advice on treating lower back pain has changed dramatically over the years. Whereas healthcare professionals would previously advise plenty of bed rest, firm mattresses and relaxation, we're now aware that long periods of inactivity can in fact increase recovery time. So, whilst moving around is no doubt the last thing on a back pain sufferers mind, it's the one thing that'll have them on the road to recovery much quicker! GP's are now increasingly recommending exercise as a treatment for lower back pain. And as more and more individuals find themselves suffering from back-related problems, the demand for specialists continues to rise. As a Lower Back Pain Specialist, you'll have a full understanding of exactly what causes back pain, and the knowledge required to create tailored exercise plans to aid recovery. Alongside the National Guidelines for the Management of Low Back Pain, our course covers both the prevention and management as well as the psychological and sociological impacts of lower back pain. Once qualified, you'll be able to work alongside GP's, healthcare professionals and fitness specialists in order to give back pain the boot! Speak to the team for details of our Lower Back Pain Specialist course and to find a course venue near you. Don't stop evolving. The fitness arena is a tough one to fight in. The most successful personal trainers don't settle. They keep developing to ensure they stay ahead of the game. Our popular Focus Training courses relating to this blog post on activity is key for relieving back pain include our gym instructor courses, exercise referral courses, sports massage courses and the extremely popular personal trainer courses. There are a variety of ways you can now maximise the chances of yours of having a successful career in the industry. Gather a little inspiration for your next steps. All our courses are actually intended to provide you with the necessary tools to become a fully-certified fitness professional. Via our main page you can find more educational information on personal training courses.