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Bring a new meaning to personal training

So what happens when you’ve achieved your fitness qualifications? Will you join your local gym and become a personal trainer or class fitness instructor? Go freelance and build your own clients? Or will you take a sport that you’re passionate about it and use it to influence your clients' training? The latter is exactly what personal trainer Rob Popper did, and his passion was the triathlon. Now, we’re not telling you that you should opt to provide your clients with a triathlon training programme, as not everyone will have the appropriate fitness levels and of course, it’s having the facilities available. You must remember that once you have passed your personal training course and got your fitness qualifications, the world will be your oyster, so don’t restrict yourself in what you think you can or can’t do. Rob Popper is one of 28 British Triathlon Federation Level 3 performance coaches in the UK and it is the highest level of qualifications that you can get in this area. Rob understands that having a personal trainer involves dedication to not only carry on with the training outside of the sessions but to also avoid receiving advice from other personal trainers, as this can hinder a client’s overall performance. This is why he has set up a dedicated triathlon training business that is specific to those who want to sleep, breathe and live the life of a triathlon athlete. However, he also ensures that he goes out of his way to be interested in his client’s personal lives as well, so he can build a relationship and trust with them, which we feel is very important. Rob has set up a Triathlon House to emphasise his coaching fully. The Triathlon House has an endless swimming pool, which is basically a small space with his clients can work against the current near London’s Paddington, and this will be followed by running and cycling training in Hyde Park. Each session starts from £80, so you would have to be 100% dedicated! Achieving your fitness qualifications doesn’t have to end there, it’s just the beginning and if you want to follow in Rob’s footsteps and do something similar then Focus Training will be more than happy to help. We have delivered private fitness and training courses for twenty years. In that time, we have trained a huge number of individuals. We are relieved several of our pupils continue to enrol on various other classes with us and they endorse us to their family and friends. Our preferred Focus Training courses associated with this particular blog post on a new meaning to personal training include our fitness instructor courses, exercise referral course, sports massage course and the extremely popular personal training courses. The programs of ours are cost-effective, adaptable and completely accredited, & we deliver internationally famous credentials to assist you get cash, generate better possibilities, and talk to the true potential of yours of the market. They are additionally a great deal of fun! Via our main page, you can find more educational information on pt courses.