Personal Trainer showing progress

A Day In The Life As A Pure Gym Personal Trainer.

Not all Personal Trainer roles are created equally. Some PTs enjoy the comfort and stability of full-time employment within a health club or gym. Others, love the buzz of running their own business as a self-employed fitness professional.

The variety that comes with being a Personal Trainer makes it a hot career choice right now. So, we sat down to chat with our friends at Pure Gym Bury, to dig deep into the daily life of a PT.

The Not-So-Nine To Five

A Pure Gym Personal Trainer enjoys a life of variety and flexibility. They work to their own schedule (rent free!) offering a minimum of 15 hours service each week. How they work their day is up to them, and of course the needs of their clients. PTs spend their days teaching a variety of classes, interacting with members on the gym floor through conversation and challenge-based activities, and offering guided tours, of the club's slick and plentiful facilities. Their downtime is spent promoting their business, planning marketing and referral campaigns and keeping their house in order.

The Earning Potential

Personal Trainers at Pure Gym retain 100% of their profits made outside of the initial 15 hours they provide within the club. So the better you are at promoting your services, the more potential there is to earn as much as you can handle.

The Support System

The Pure Gym PT model is fantastic for new trainers, as the support and personal promotion they receive gives them a chance to display their personal skills, training and interaction styles. Through the support of free in-house business and group fitness training, along with their 12-week Business Coach program, new trainers are fully supported to develop their businesses from the ground up.

Additional member programs such as Pure Lifestyle (nutrition and exercise education) also allow trainers to have extended weekly contact with members, with the goal of not only providing an expert point of contact, but also to encourage these members into their own businesses over time. With in-house support, senior personal trainers over time have gone on to lead in specific roles across the company such as group fitness and business training, as well as club-based management roles.

The Essentials

Pure Gym look for individuals who are willing to learn from the support offered, and any positive or negative feedback given.

"An individual who can exhibit willingness to continually grow both personally and professionally, is attractive also!"

Individuality and confidence are key. You don't have to fit the stereotypical physical image of a personal trainer, though you do have to be confident to display your knowledge, physical and other strengths, in order to attract members to want to learn from you.

All Pure Gym personal trainers must be qualified in Level 3 in Personal Training, as well as Level 2 in Emergency First Aid at Work. Aside from these, no other qualifications are required, though they tell us:

"We'd recommend engaging in as many learning opportunities in your first couple of years as possible – and beyond! Gaining knowledge from varied areas and resources helps you as a trainer to form your business identity, as well as to keep up to date with changing information and trends related to all aspects of health and fitness." - Katy Hardy | Assistant Gym Manager - Bury

Opportunities for Pure Gym personal trainers are endless – with over 200 locations in the UK, and more due to open, trainers have the opportunity to move into club-based management, specialist roles (PT business or group fitness support), or head-office based roles for those that cut it.

Many of their club managers, regional and national staff members have come through the ranks from personal training.

We asked Pure Gym, what makes a great personal trainer?

"Personal training is a tough business, especially in the beginning, however, a new trainer that is willing to take on feedback and learn, no matter the direction they envisage their business to head towards, is one that with constant drive, will succeed. As we often say, you can give someone all the tools, but they must be willing to use (or learn from) them! Above all else, new or senior, personal trainers must be adaptable, personable, and willing to treat their clients like they are the number-one person in the room for the hour in that day." - Katy Hardy | Assistant Gym Manager - Bury

The Team

At Pure Gym Bury you'll find a diverse team of staff, who will always put the needs of the members first. They live and breathe the ethos that their members create their culture, so care for them is of paramount importance.

Personal Trainers love what they do, do what they love and thrive in the highly sociable environment around them. They say everybody is welcome to “Bring their Incredible”.

Pure Gym in Bury are currently on the hunt for qualified Personal Trainers to join their team. You'll be passionate about fitness, slick on service and ready to run your own business from within their cutting-edge club. Students of Focus Training can view the latest jobs in our student area here. To find out more about qualifying as a fitness professional, take a look at our available courses.