Fitness Instructor in gym

A Day at a Full-time Level 2 Fitness Instructor Course

I went down to a Full-time Fitness Instructor Course at David Lloyd with Focus Training to see what it is like to study with Focus Training and to give you an idea of what you should expect from an industry-recognised course.

The day starts out with students flooding in from all across the country, with one student even moving over from Canada to pursue her career in fitness. Students on the course are clearly here to delve into fitness and turn their passion into a career, with talk of training and fitness plans being heard even before the course starts.

9.00 am

CV Training Theory, Programme Design & Practical Workshop

In the first part of the course, students are going through the Cardiovascular Training Theory, Programme Design and will also do a Practical Workshop to break up the theoretical parts of the course. The first part of today's course starts with questions to see whereabouts everyone’s knowledge is on the topic at hand, which allows the tutors and students to set a steady pace for the day ahead.

Setting questions for the students to answer in their groups allows them to talk between themselves and use each other's knowledge to improve their own. This is a prime example of one of the many ways Focus urge their students to learn independently whilst making the most of the tutor support on offer.

Along with learning about cardiovascular training, students go through health guidelines the make sure they are confident with the important stuff that they can use to improve their training. This content helps students set the foundations of their Fitness Instructing career.

The content that the first part of the course is covering is clearly well-worked, with the essential course knowledge being applied to training situations, which helps the students to understand the technical things a lot easier. From watching the course, it is clear that the tutors are there to help students in every way possible, with them happily sharing their years of industry knowledge and helping students to learn and develop their skills.

Some students may find the theoretical parts of the course a bit tough down to their lack of prior knowledge, but tutors understand this and make things easier by giving students a chance to put their knowledge to the test with tasks that they will carry out as qualified instructors.

10.45 am

Muscle, Muscle Actions and MSE Training

This part of the course allows students to get an idea of what the muscles do and helps them to apply the things they have learned in the previous part of the course to begin to build their training knowledge.

Students were set a task to plan a workout that other students will carry out. This is one of the things that helps the students gain valuable industry experience and gain a better understanding of what they have learned.

Students are able to use the knowledge they have gained over previous course days and this morning’s session to improve the way they plan their workouts, with students being able to work what they have learned into their workouts.

With muscles and muscle movements being made up of some complex stuff, Focus make sure to split this part of the course into manageable chunks, which makes the tough parts of the course much more stress-free. Along with the diverse types of learning that Focus use, this is one thing that makes a massive difference to the students.

Well-tailored theoretical content in the previous parts of the course makes the following tasks easier. This is because students were able to apply what they have learned in previous sessions to what they learned about the muscles and muscle actions, which makes the tougher content more understandable. This is made evident in the way that students present their knowledge and ask tutors questions to get even more knowledge.

Along with creating training plans, students had the opportunity to go beyond just planning sessions and apply what they have learned to the gym floor to give them genuine instructing experience. Throughout even this part of the course, it is clear that tutors are dedicated to students, as they are always more than happy to share their wealth of knowledge with students to help them further their progression.

1.30 pm

Introduction to Free Weight and Body Weight Exercises

In this part of the course, the students were able to get active in the gym and begin to look into free weight and body exercises, which are the fundamentals of fitness instructing.

Down to the course being carried out over a one week period, it is important for the tutors to give students the chance to cement their knowledge and make sure they are on track. Although some training providers may not realise this, the Focus tutors give students the chance to test their knowledge with questions and brainstorms before heading into the gym.

From the knowledge they have gained in previous sessions, many of the students impressed the tutors by giving quality answers. From this, the tutors are able to help students learn from each other, as well as from our tutor support; allowing the students to create conversion around the topic at hand and get quality expertise from the tutors.

When the students hit the gym floor, it was clear that they were passionate about fitness, with every single student being eager to get into the gym and begin to show off what they have learned. In some courses, it is common for students to be carrying out the same exercises, but students with Focus were in fact, doing a range of exercises; proving that the work done by Focus to create independent and pioneering Trainers does not go to waste.

This is one of the main differences between Focus and other training providers, as the work Focus do is clearly set out to create industry-leading trainers, instead of just helping people pass a course.

After the gym, the students had the chance to get feedback from our tutors to help them improve their training. Giving constant feedback to help boost learning seems to be a positive habit that the tutors at Focus have.

4.30 pm

As the day is brought to a close, the students are able to relax after a hard day's work, with feedback from the tutors giving them motivation and confidence for the next day of the course. One thing that did stand out when the classroom doors closed was the work that Focus do to motivate students had more than paid off, with students already talking about the next day.

Overall, the work that Focus put in to make course days more manageable is definitely worthwhile, with their students raring to go, even after a full day of learning.

If pursuing a full-time Fitness Instructor course is something you're considering, get in touch with an adviser, who will be able to help find the perfect course dates for you, and even help to make the course as affordable as possible with our Advanced Learner Loans or other finance options.

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