Personal trainer encouraging client on static bike

5 Key Tips to Helping Personal Training Clients Lose Weight.

Weight loss is something that a lot of Personal Training clients want to focus on when they first start training with a professional. Providing training that is tailored to client goals and motivations is one way to ensure you get results from your clients.

Our nutrition tutor has some tips and expertise that you can apply to your weight loss clients. Take a look at the key to successful weight loss to further your clients' progression.

  1. Never reduce calorie intake lower than BMR (base metabolic rate)
  2. Aim for a steady rate of weight loss
  3. Set manageable client expectations
  4. Take into account the client's body shape
  5. Remember that eating habits are hard to change and it won't happen overnight

If you're looking to help clients lose weight, we have a Nutrition for Sports course and an Obesity and Diabetes course that will give you the knowledge and expertise that you need to help clients lose weight and further their progression. If you want to find out more about Nutrition for Sports or any other of our industry-recognised courses, get in touch with our advisers now on 0800 999 6664.