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5 Common Personal Training Mistakes.

With the endless courses and qualifications on offer for Personal Trainers, it is rare for two Personal Trainers to have the same opinion or methods of training their clients. This can lead to many Personal Trainers giving poor sessions or making mistakes that affect their clients' training.

We have outlined some of the most common mistakes made by Personal Trainers to help you improve your training.

1. Thinking it's a 9-5 career.

One of the great things about being a Personal Trainer is that you can set your own hours. Which is great but don't forget when your working with clients you'll need to spend more than just training time on them. You'll need to plan their sessions, you'll be reviewing food diaries and maybe even responding to out of hours messages. Make sure that you're not selling yourself short in your hourly rate.

Whatever hours you choose to work make sure you leave time to plan and stay one step ahead.

2. One-size-fits-all Sessions.

Being a Personal Trainer doesn't mean simply planning a session that you will use for all clients. A lot of Personal Trainers do this and wonder why they struggle to keep loyal clients. Personal Training clients are each to their own, and the same goes for their training, as each client will prefer certain workouts and exercises to others.

This creates a need for Personal Trainers to make the most of their training to produce individual sessions for each client to enjoy. This is one way that Trainers begin to build up a list of loyal clients, as the care that they have for each client begins to show.

Not only this, but tailoring sessions also help clients progress at the fastest rate possible, which is good for your image as a Personal Trainer.

3. Not Obtaining Medical Records.

Many Personal Trainers and their clients are keen to get training, and this can lead to Personal Trainers forgetting to gain access to any medical records, and this is vital to making sure your clients can train safely in your company.

Looking into any previous or existing health problems that can affect a client's training allows you to prepare for anything bad happening, as you know to keep an eye out for any signs of a problem.

4. Not Caring Beyond the Gym.

Many Personal Trainers forget that being a Trainer isn't just about providing worthwhile sessions. Today, it is about being a brand, rather than just a Personal Trainer, as this is what clients expect. Although this sounds like hard work, it is simply just a case of providing client care beyond the training sessions, by keeping updated between sessions and helping them wherever needed.

Many Personal Trainers miss out on giving quality care to their clients, which means simply doing this can help you stand out among the crowd.

5. Stopping Learning.

It is common among Personal Trainers to simply get a qualification they need to train clients and then not go beyond their initial training to improve their sessions. This is because many Trainers want to work freelance, so getting employed isn't a problem. Although, it is common for Trainers who do this to lose clients and lose interest in the industry, as they fall behind quicker than they first thought.

Not pursuing new courses and looking for new ways to excel is the most common mistake that Trainers make, as they easily get lost in a rapidly evolving industry; making their sessions irrelevant and their clients unhappy.

Overall, there are a lot of mistakes that Personal Trainers make, regardless of the amount of experience they have. This is why the best tip we can give is to seek constant progression and improvement, as this is a way to keep up with trends and offer worthwhile sessions to your clients.