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4 Daily Tasks of a Personal Trainer

As the fitness industry continues to grow at a quick rate, the definition of what makes a Personal Trainer changes, and there are new things that are expected of Personal Trainers. As we see more Personal Training clients go further with their fitness, there are more things that Trainers can do to keep up with the industry and provide sessions that keep clients coming back for more.



When starting out as a Personal Trainer, it can be easy for people to think that their day consists of working out and helping others do the same, but as the industry evolves, this definitely is not the case.

One task that you can expect to get familiar with is organising the day ahead. Whether it is planning training sessions, meal plans or simply checking which clients you are training tomorrow; all of this is essential to making sure you are successful as a Personal Trainer.

Although this may seem like a lot of work, fitness-based apps and software are making it a lot easier and less time consuming for Trainers to do their organisational tasks. This is down to technology making it possible to automate tasks such as sending meal plans; helping you to save a lot of your day and cut out a lot of manual work.



Whether you see this as a ‘job’ or not, marketing your business or your training sessions is an essential daily task that can make or break your brand. Even investing 30 minutes-1 hour of your time a day to post, like, comment and engage with your audience and clients over social media can boost the potential of your training massively.

Marketing your business and sessions helps you to build a relationship with clients and help them beyond the training sessions by tagging clients in relevant content and posting videos to help them further their training in their time off.

Although some Trainers would rather spend this time planning sessions, every fitness professional is working to market their business, so it is an essential task for those who are looking to solidify and expand their client base, or just get noticed in the growing industry.


Client Checkups & Replies

A lot of PT’s miss out on the chance to show their clients they truly do care about their wellbeing. This is down to many of them only engaging with clients on the day of their session.

Making sure that you check up with clients regularly and reply to any questions they have is a quality way to take your involvement beyond just the sessions. Sending texts to see how clients are getting on and seeing if they can help with anything shows your clients that you are reliable, as well as helping you build a solid Trainer-client rapport.

Overall, this may seem unessescary, but it is, in fact, a daily task of all of the most successful Personal Trainers. 



One thing that a lot of Personal Trainers and fitness professionals in general do is get the qualifications they need to become accredited, but they don’t further this by looking for ways that they can take their knowledge further and carry on progressing.

Although you may need a certain qualification to become a qualified professional, a lot of people who simply get the mandatory qualifications and do nothing more find themselves stuck when it comes to furthering their qualifications or getting employed in the future.

This is down to what they have been taught in the past now being outdated, which leaves their training sessions unapplicable and useless. This is not to say that you need to constantly get the newest qualification possible, it just means that spending 30 minutes to 1 hour a day reading up on your area of expertise; helping you to stay up to date with everything in your area of fitness.


Overall, when becoming a Personal Trainer there are various tasks that you will face throughout your daily life, but these 4 tasks are what our Tutors say are the most important tasks for Personal Trainers who are looking to have a long and successful career in fitness. Our tutors say that the best thing to do is to try and test adding in each of these daily tasks to see which work best for you, your clients, and your Personal Training business.


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