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3 Marketing tips to boost your Personal Training

In the modern fitness world, Personal Training no longer consists of just carrying out sessions, it is now required for Personal Trainers to do more to stand out and gain loyal clients that keep coming back for more.

On top of equipping yourself with industry-recognised qualifications, there are a few things that you can do to gain more clients and boost your income. In the modern fitness industry, it is becoming ever more important for Personal Trainers to market themselves to get as many clients they can and make the most of their skill-set. Although, utilising the huge potential of marketing and social media for Personal Training does not just mean posting pictures of training sessions, it goes beyond this, and when done correctly it can seriously boost client base and income.


Find Your Brand Voice & Show it

In the fitness industry, it is vital to make sure you identify your niche and make sure your audience knows what it is. An example of this is different Personal Trainers changing the way they talk, the visuals of their content and more to appeal to specific client types that they are trying to target.

Many Trainers make a mess of social media when it can be so easily mastered. This is down to a number of things, with the most common being Trainers not being consistent with the way they talk and engage with their audience. Finding the right way to talk to your target audience and clients online allows Trainers to make their training appeal to and reach the right people.

Most Personal Trainers don’t put much thought into what they are saying and why, and this means they reach the wrong people when they are posting on social media. A prime example of this is male Personal Trainers speaking in an aggressive manner, which more times than not isn’t directly appealing to people looking to start their fitness journey. Although they may mean good with their choice of words, messages can easily be misread, so it is vital to make sure what you’re saying and what you’re showing is appealing to who you want to be training.


Take The Time to Engage

When it comes to marketing, we see too many fitness brands and Personal Trainers simply post pictures and videos and expect the followers and likes to come rolling in; although this more times than not is not the case.

One difference between small and medium-sized fitness brands is that the bigger ones are more dedicated to engaging with their audiences as well as consistently posting content. Taking the time to comment on other peoples’ posts and reply to your audience’s questions works as an investment to your growth, as it shows people that you are actually dedicated to helping them and meeting their needs and goals.

On top of engaging with audiences through likes, comments and advice, many Personal Trainers are choosing to create their own content in the form of videos and blog posts, as this allows them to go beyond training to educate their audience. On top of helping you create conversation on new topics, it also allows you to display your expertise across various areas of fitness.


Consistent Activity

Across all industries, it is proven that having consistent activity across social media and websites has the ability to boost the number and quality of the following you have. This is because being consistent portrays professionalism, and this is what people want from a brand, with Personal Trainers included.

One thing that everyone knows makes a successful Personal Trainer is reliability and professionalism. Being consistent with when you post and engage on your website and social media means that your followers see you as reliable, as they can see that you are constantly working to help your followers and clients improve themselves.


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