Personal Trainer showing progress

3 Top Tips for Marketing as a Personal Trainer.

In the modern fitness world, it is becoming possible for Personal Trainers to grow their business in new ways. On top of equipping yourself with industry-recognised qualifications, there are a few things that the most successful Personal Trainers are doing to gain more clients and boost their income using marketing and social media.

As the industry continues to grow, we are seeing more Personal Trainers market themselves to get as many clients they can and make the most of their skill-set. Although a lot of people look to marketing and social media to build their client base, many take the wrong approach and don't get the results they're after, which can be frustrating if you have limited resources to put into your marketing efforts.

Knowing how to make the most of social media and marketing holds huge potential for Personal Trainers, as they can easily reach the right people and begin to help more people improve their health and fitness.

With many Personal Trainers not having the time, budget or resources to invest in marketing, it is important to know how you can make the most of what you have got.

1. Create Your Own 'Brand Voice'

In the fitness industry, it is essential to make sure that you stand out and make sure your audience knows why they should pick your sessions over your competitors', which is why many Personal Trainers are making the most of the huge potential of social media.

A prime example of this is Personal Trainers changing the way they talk and the way their images look to make themselves and their services more approachable and appealing to the people they are targeting. This is one of the best ways that Personal Trainers are reaching more people and drumming up more business, as it gives them the chance to set themselves apart from the competition with content that is tailored to their brand and their audience.

A prime example of this is Older Adult fitness coaches writing image captions in a calm manner and using images of their older adult sessions; allowing any online posts to appeal and relate to more older adults.

One of the ways that the most successful Personal Trainers appeal more to the right people is by planning posts for the upcoming days, as this gives them the opportunity to review their posts and make sure that what they are saying is written in the right way. Along with this, planning and scheduling posts saves a lot of time and saves a lot of headaches when it comes to your marketing efforts.

2. Take The Time to Engage

When you are building your following, it is not just the number of followers or subscribers you have that matters, it is the quality of them. Although having a lot of followers looks good, the only thing that really matters is that you are gaining followers that are interested in your sessions.

One difference between small and medium-sized fitness brands is that the bigger ones are more dedicated to engaging and talking with their audiences as well as consistently posting content, and this holds huge potential for getting the right people to your page.

Taking the time to talk to your followers and clients over social media is one of the best ways to build up business, as commenting and liking on posts allows you to get your name out there and appear on accounts and posts similar to yours; allowing you to reach users who are interested in your area of fitness and potentially your sessions.

On top of liking and commenting on photos, many of the most successful Personal Trainers create their own content in the form of videos and blog posts along with posting on social media, as this allows them to be seen by their audience as a thought-leader in their area of fitness.

Although this may not seem beneficial when it comes to building your following, being a thought-leader makes it a lot easier for people to put their trust in you whilst also making it easier for you to show your followers that your expertise are unmatched.

3. Consistent Activity

Across all industries, it has been proven that having consistent activity across social media and websites has the ability to boost the size and quality of the following you have. Being consistent with the way you post, engage and help your followers shows that you are professional and that you are willing to take the time to help them, and in today's fitness industry, showing you genuinely care about your followers goes a long way.

With influencers and fitness brands making it hard for fitness lovers to know who to trust, it is the little things like being consistent with posting and engagement that make it a lot easier for people to know who is in the Personal Training industry for the right reasons and who they should trust.

Overall, there are various approaches to marketing and social media that you can use to try and build your Personal Training brand, but these 3 tips are proven to produce results for Personal Trainers who are looking to grow a successful business.