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tony student smiling

You slow down when you retire, right?

No! And neither do your clients. When people imagine students, they often think of teenagers putting traffic cones on statues! But not our students (well not that we know about anyway). Our students are all ages and at all points in their careers. Take Tony, he was semi-retired when he came to study with us. […]

Older adult

Making fitness more appealing in later life

Personal Trainers with the right fitness qualifications are creating new sessions that are tailored to older age groups. Sessions focus on activities that build not only physical ability but cognitive ability too. Why are cognitive skills important? Cognitive skills are abilities such as memory, mental speed, decision making and the ability to process new information. […]

reduce stress with exercise

Stress Awareness Month – Exercise to feel better

With April being Stress Awareness Month, we are encouraging more people to reduce their stress levels by getting active. Exercise can help to reduce stress and improve your overall mental wellbeing. Boost your Endorphins Many people report feeling a boost of energy and being in a better mood after working out. Exercise boosts the production […]

exercise boosting mood

International Day of Happiness – How Exercise Can Boost Your Mood

With Wednesday 20th March 2019 being International Day of Happiness, we believe that we should let more people know about the huge benefits that exercise and leading a healthy life can have on your mental health and happiness; giving you more ways that you can aim to live a happy life. Around 300 million people […]

analyse older adult fitness

How Fitness Levels Can Help Predict Lifespan in Over 70’s

With fitness continuously growing, industry professionals and researchers are constantly bringing new insights that help combat health problems across the UK. Now, new research has opened opportunities for predicting the lifespan of Older Adults, bringing new hope when it comes to getting more over 70’s active and helping to combat common health problems among Older Adults. […]

inactive teenager

How Can Personal Trainers Combat Inactivity Among Younger People?

With fitness growing and more people choosing to get fit and look after their health, it would be assumed that younger age groups are the most active, but a recent study shows that it is in fact over 55s that are most active, leading to experts focusing on getting more younger people active. With this […]

Personal Trainer Motivation

How Can Personal Trainers Help Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes?

As the fitness industry continues to evolve, we are being met by more research that is being used to shape a positive future when it comes to health and fitness. With many people choosing to make a career out of fitness by gaining reputable fitness qualifications and more research being done, the potential for the […]

sleep for better health

Why Personal Trainers Should Encourage Clients to Focus on Sleep

With the fitness industry evolving, there are constant developments that are making it possible for the public and fitness professionals to improve health and create more of a positive future for all when it comes to wellbeing. In the modern day of fitness, industry accredited fitness qualifications are making it possible for Personal Trainers to […]



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