Being Active in Your Teens & Twenties Benefits You For Life

Being Active in Your Teens & Twenties Benefits You For Life

It is commonly thought that working out and staying active in your younger years doesn’t have much of a benefit on your wellbeing as you get older. Now, a recent study that has been published in the journal Frontiers of Physiology has shown that working out and staying active to build healthy muscles can actually have a positive impact even after years of being inactive.

They have said that this is down to a physiological aspect called ‘Muscle Memory’, which relates to how the muscles repair and react after long periods of inactivity. Researchers have said that this is down to cell control centres known as ‘Nuclei’. Nuclei are what allow our muscles to grow faster when we go back to training them, and previous research has shown that we gain Nuclei at a younger age.

Lawrence Schwartz, co-author of the study and Professor of Biology at the University¬†of Massachusetts has said; “It is well documented in the field of exercise physiology that it is far easier to reacquire a certain level of muscle fitness through exercise that it was to achieve it in the first place, even if there has been a long intervening period of detraining.”

Down to us gaining Nuclei when we are younger, the researchers have suggested that working out and working on muscle growth when you are younger allows you to boost your body’s ability to build muscle in the future; even after years of inactivity.

Along with these findings being massively positive for those who are qualified to run Kids fitness sessions, it is also positive for Trainers with middle-aged and Older Adult clients and Older Adults themselves, as it is proven that it is always possible to make positive physical changes and build muscle to improve mobility, reduce their signs of ageing or just stay healthier for longer.

This research that has been done needs to be brought to light in the fitness industry and among fitness professionals, as there are clear areas that Personal Trainers and Gym Instructors can work on to help improve the wellbeing of those who less active than they previously were.

One thing that the fitness industry is familiar with is Older Adults becoming less active, and as a result, they cannot carry out the same daily tasks that the previously could. This can become a problem in Older age, with things like cleaning the house, doing the shopping, or just walking the dog.

Although, with this new research coming to light, health and fitness professionals have the chance to change this physical health decline in the younger generations by urging children, teens and young adults to get active regularly, even if it is just light exercise.

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