What are the daily tasks of a Personal Trainer?
What are the daily tasks of a Personal Trainer?

What are the daily tasks of a Personal Trainer?

As the fitness industry continues to grow at a quick rate, the definition of what makes a Personal Trainer changes. New and innovative methods are now expected to keep clients hooked. As more clients are taking their fitness further, Trainers need to keep up with the industry despite the following tasks;


Newbie personal trainers expect their days to go from their personal workout to client workouts. To cut it short, dream on.

One task to get familiar with is organising the days ahead. Whether it’s planning training sessions, meal plans or checking on your website/social media accounts. All of this is essential to making sure you are successful as a Personal Trainer.

Making time for ‘admin’ tasks may seem like a waste of time. However, it can make your service more personal which makes clients feel special.


Marketing is a simple factor that can make or break your brand. Promoting your business or training sessions is an essential daily task. Investing 30 minutes a day to engage with your clients can boost the potential of your training massively.

Marketing your business helps you to build a relationship with clients. Every fitness professional is working to market their business. It’s an essential task for those who are looking to solidify and expand their client base. It also helps to get noticed in the growing industry.

Using specific content to help clients can personalise your brand and make you stand out from other Personal Trainers.

Client Check-ups & Replies

Personal Training is a hectic lifestyle. Sometimes, you can forget to reassure clients you care about their wellbeing. This is down to only engaging with clients on the day of their session.

Check up with clients regularly, so they feel that you are approachable if they have a problem. Reply to any questions they have, then your involvement is beyond just the sessions. Build a solid Trainer-Client relationship by checking if there is anything more they require.

This may seem unnecessary, but it is a daily task of all the most successful Personal Trainers. 


Personal development is just as important as client development. As mentioned, the industry is rapidly evolving, meaning a Personal trainer has never finished learning.

By never updating your qualifications, your knowledge will become outdated. This means you are no longer a desirable Trainer to clients. To be a successful PT you need to offer the freshest and most creative ideas.

At Focus, we believe in Continuing Professional Development with all our staff. We also encourage this idea to our students. We offer further training courses in different areas to help you stand out.

Courses are not the only option though. Keeping your knowledge up to date can be reading, talking to another PT or asking clients what they want to see. This will help you to stay up to date with everything in your area of fitness.

Overall, when becoming a Personal Trainer there will be tasks in daily work life. These tasks are what our tutors feel are most important for Personal Trainers who are looking for a successful career in fitness. However, it is a hugely rewarding career worth dealing with these daily tasks.

Useful courses:
Personal Trainer Courses: Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing & Personal Training
Fitness Professional Toolkit: This two-day workshop teaches you Padwork, Kettlebell, Outdoor Exercise and Core to offer a wider variety of exercise to your clients
If you would like to know more about becoming a Personal Trainer / CPD courses call us today on 0800 999 6664.
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