3 Steps to Getting More Personal Training Clients

3 Steps to Getting More Personal Training Clients

In the modern age of fitness, it can be hard to gain clients that keep coming back. This can be for a number of reasons, from people not being motivated enough to keep fit, to people getting bored and looking for new ways to keep fit and new sessions to try.

Because it can be tough to gain loyal clients, we have outlined 3 steps that you can take to getting more Personal Training clients that keep coming back for more.

Go beyond the gym

When it comes to Personal Training, too many Trainers love to get involved with clients in the gym but don’t go beyond that; leaving their clients on their own when they aren’t paying for their Trainer’s time. This holds huge potential for dedicated Personal Trainers to get more clients, as those who are willing to go beyond the norms can keep in touch with their clients after sessions and periods of not training.

Checking up on clients allows Trainers to show their clients that they genuinely do care; allowing them to stand out among the growing number of people claiming the Personal Training title. Simply texting clients to see how they are or sending them articles, plans and resources that they may find useful or interesting helpsĀ to keep clients motivated on top of showing them that you care.


Keep up to date with your clients

With a lot of Personal Trainers focusing a lot on other things such as marketing and organisation, it can be hard to keep in mind what motivates each client to keep fit, which can lead to Training sessions becoming generic and unenjoyable. Making sure that you keep in mind what goals and motivators are pushing each client to keep fit allows you to constantly adapt training to keep it applicable and enjoyable for each client.

Making sure that you go beyond the training to keep up with your clients’ lives also allows you to tailor sessions to make things as enjoyable as possible. This is because doing this helps Trainers to adapt to each session to the client and their current situation.

Many Trainers forget to consider that clients can have bad days, and forcing clients to do a workout they are not up to doing can negatively impact training easier than it can benefit it. Keeping up to date with things like this helps Trainers to tailor sessions to suit the client so they can get the most from training at all times.


Offer something new and worthwhile

Many Personal Trainers gain qualifications simply because they are required. Although this is good, as it sets the standards of Trainers across the industry, this mindset can easily make Trainers outdated in a growing industry.

Actively chasing the next qualification makes sure that Trainers are keeping up to date with what clients want and need. Simply getting one qualification and using that can get you clients, but pursuing new courses that expand your skillset allow you to stay relevant and up to date.

Pursuing extra qualifications such as Circuit Instructing and Exercise Referral helps Personal Trainers to take their involvement with clients further, as they are able to offer more than training. With specialist courses becoming available for Trainers, it is easier than ever for them to find new niches of fitness that they can use to boost their involvement with clients and keep them coming back for sessions, as they have no need to go anywhere else.


As the fitness industry grows, there are constantly new lengths that industry professionals can take to gain and retain loyal clients, so testing methods and approaches to find which best suits you is the best option. With these 3 tips coming from some of our Tutors who are currently Personal Trainers with big client lists, we find that working hard whilst incorporating these tips will allow you to gain more loyal clients, but finding the right approach for you is key for success.

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