July 2019 - Focus Training

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses are worthy investments. Working in the fitness industry, trainers develop their own methods which become their brand. Therefore, it’s very important that you develop yourself as a coach. The common issue that professionals come across is their training qualifications can become outdated, unimportant and even…

Focus Training

As the fitness industry continues to grow at a quick rate, the definition of what makes a Personal Trainer changes. New and innovative methods are now expected to keep clients hooked. As more clients are taking their fitness further, Trainers need to keep up with the industry despite the following…

Focus Training

When it comes to training, most people focus on weight-based workouts, as this is what it takes to ‘tone up’. Although weight-based workouts have many benefits, such as improving muscle and heart strength, cardio is still essential to keep fit and make sure the body is working as it should….

Focus Training

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